About us


Our passion for 3d printing began 10 years ago when my husband (Paul) began to purchase parts to build his own 3d printer. With an interest in robotics and  electronics my husband and our then 4 year old son (Cooper) spent many hours bonding, creating and printing random objects as well as undertaking 3d printing education lessons at our sons primary school. 

Although we began making stamps early 2019, our business officially launched  its website in May 2019,  when our 7 year old son 'Cooper' at the time begged us to buy him his own 3d printer.  As his interest grew, so did his ideas and we all spent many hours printing and playing with ideas. Our business was initially based on our sons creativity, posting various makes to his facebook page. 

As for myself (Chrystal), I spent most of my working life as an Executive Assistant and a little stint in Events and Marketing. My interests were always in IT and design. You could say this was an accidental dream career for me. I left the workforce to care for our 18 month old twins and had accepted that I would spend my days raising our 3 children,  but with a burning passion to continue to grow and learn and self teach at home, I spent every spare minute learning the ins and outs of the software used in 3d printing.  

An opportunity arose to turn our growing passion into a business, making cookie stamps for the baking industry. 

We started to experiment with depth and text and soon after our brand 'Pop! stamp' was born. The idea of reversing text with unique manufacturing on acrylic would bring an entire different way of creating amongst the baking industry and a product we are so very proud of. 

By June 2019 we started testing and trialing other materials such as Perspex for cookie stamps and and HDPE for cookie cutters  (well known for its flawless finishes and food safety). With my husbands tech skills and my design skills we would invest in other machinery and a different way of manufacturing to bring to the market some of the best quality stamps. 

Not only do we love to design, innovate and reach to deliver the best quality, but we feel at home in the baking community via our Instagram following and thank our customers for making our business what it is today. 

We hope we have captured your interest with our passion and you are enjoying the quality of our products. Thank you for joining us on our journey of creativity and baking fun! 

The Baker family