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Posted by Chrystal Baker on

Hello and welcome to our newest version of interacting with our customers :-). First of all thanks for visiting! 

Our News section has been designed to keep you updated on the latest info coming from our manufacturing hub, new product releases and also a NEW opportunity for you to interact with us! I will find myself hanging out here more than Instagram in the future in an effort to create a more personal, and quicker interaction experience.  Comments are welcome below at any time and we will get back to you,  but please be kind :-). 

We would love for you to sign up to our Sweetly Impressed newsletter too, as we are going to be doing some email campaigns, competitions and creating some opportunities especially for my subscribers as well as hopefully help with the exposure for your baking businesses if you wish!

We have also added a Customer Gallery section to the website too where we look forward to featuring customer photos using your SI products! If you have one you would like shared on my website gallery please email in square set and good quality to with the following details and I would love to share amongst our SI website visitors - currently that is over 21,000 visitors per month! eeek! :-) Just make sure you include your name, your business name, your instagram account if you have one and where you are located! So potential customers can find you! I will pop them up for at least 48 hours and depending on how many we receive we will just keep cycling them through. No comments, no likes just an opportunity for us to showcase your work and or potentially drive new customers your way. I have popped an example one up for your viewing. 

Lastly for today, the featured image is our latest product! I know so many have been waiting for it...our Number Set - which works interactively with our font set holder and matches perfectly to our font set both upper and lowercase :-).

You can go in a view the product on the website, where you will find a few product pics. We will have the sets available to purchase at the end of January along with our font sets. 

Chrystal x


  • Hi , is sold out again 😭😭😭
    im single mom,I lost my job with this pandemic and my hope is start with this sweet adventure,but, is a little hard can get the molds.
    I will be patient 😔.

    Guadalupe Gutierrez on

  • So excited to see you trying out something different! And looking forward to reading your blog and seeing the new features on the website 😁 can’t wait for your products to restock 😍😍😍

    Julia on

  • Thank you Chrystal😍 you are an amazing woman!! I am glad that your business goes so well and with the blog of course💕 tbh…. I can’t wait for the font sets to be restock🤞🏼🤞🏼💕

    Blossom Bakeree on

  • Oh Yea!! You always put 120% into your small business. I have to say your custom service is amazing😍 and I truly can’t wait for the font sets to be restock😭😭😭

    Take care and be positive🙏🏼🥰

    Karen on

  • WOO HOO!!! First blog, love love love it!!! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with in 2021, and how I can add to my forever growing “sweetly impressed” collection. You are amazing at what you do and how you are with your customers, CONGRATULATIONS Crystal xx

    Stacey - Coastal Bakehouse on

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