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Our Lowercase, Uppercase and Number sets will be available to order on 31 January 2021 at 8pm Melbourne time. We are hopeful to have these ready to ship by 14 February. 

Our number sets are our long awaited newest addition to our font sets and work seamlessly together. 

Both our font and numbers sets were designed and are manufactured in full by us here at Sweetly Impressed. They are all acrylic and work interactive with each other and slide seamlessly into our clear holder (available for separate purchase). 

The numbers and the letters are all acrylic, leaving a crisp sharp stamp into your fondant. Each letter is extruded approximately 3mm, which is the ideal height for stamping into rolled fondant. 

Our Font Sets come with a compact enclosed case with extra room to grow your sets including the addition of our number sets, which come loose. 

Additional numbers and letters are available at anytime to purchase.

Our font and number sets will give you the ability to fully customise your cookies and are an essential item for baking business. 



  • Hi, I’m interested in ordering the font sets. When are you having more stock, thanks, Debbie

    Debbie Jennings on

  • I would like to order font sets and when would you will have them available again,,, thank you!

    Imelda on

  • Hello is it possible to order the font sets at all and will you be making any more of the bunny rabbit ones you are sold out of .thankyou

    Leanne Barnstable on

  • Hello, are you still accepting pre-orders? If not, will there be another pre-order opportunity coming up again soon? Many thanks!

    Fiona on

  • Hey Chrystal can I still preorder the font and number set.

    Sal Dib on

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