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MEMBERSHIPS FOR PERIOD 1 MARCH - 31 MAY (3 month membership)




This is just the PROMO, don’t be left with FOMO, if you want to be your best, join us on our latest quest, at @sweetlyimpressedobsessed 🤩

Some of our most obsessed SI customers have in excess of 60 orders with our store 🙌…no judging here 💁‍♀️ Ride or DIE SI, WE. GET. IT, just like you, we cannot put those SI tools down either! 👩‍🏭👨‍🏭

We have formally teamed up with cookie royalty, Mimi Halka and Tash Ristevski, 👯‍♀️ to bring you this collab, they are worth keeping a tab. 🤩  When they step into their public Insta spaces, they take you to all kinds of places, our heads starts bopping to the beat, what a treat, those dancing hands, like bam 💥, man oh man💃🔥.

In this trio collab they are S L O W I N G it down, 📝 so, find a comfy space, go at your own pace and for a tiny expense, let’s commence!


My Cart is full, can I get a discount? 🤑

SIO was MADE for TRADE, 15% off storewide at Sweetly Impressed ALWAYS-stamps, cutters, silicone moulds, colours, paints we are fast becomming a one stop shop for the obsessed cookier 🤩. Your unique DISCOUNT CODE will be emailed to you within 48 hours of subscription - pls check that pesty junk mail, especially G Mail accounts. 


I would sell you my kidney to learn those techniques 😲 

Please please, cancel the kidney - eeeek. YOU WILL GAIN FREE access to "Sweetly Impressed Obsessed' our private Instagram page, offering WEEKLY SCHEDULED FONDANT TUTORIALS (insert pause for you to squeal a minute!) by @cookiesbytash and @littlekookieco using Sweetly Impressed stamps and cutters, of course. Stop with the math already, $50 for 12 tutorials over 3 months by 2 of the BEST is 👌. First tutorials will drop on 1 March!


I did a huge order, any freebies?🤌🏻

Nothing like a freebie to level up a sweet deal. Every SIO member will receive a freebie mini cap OF YOUR CHOICE 🙌 (RRP $16) with your first order for products during the membership period. SO don't forget to punch that wording choice in the notes section when you are unloading your cart through the checkout. 


Unique is the new cool 😎🩹

Nobody is perfect, some of our stamps are not either. Don't mind a cosmetic product fault, of course you don’t, still same SI quality that doesn’t let you down mid batch 👊✊.  Exclusive deals just for you, including first access to a 'seconds' sale we will be hosting mid April (these products will only ever be sold with cosmetic markings and work perfect otherwise). 


You could WIN, and not have to do a THING  🎰

Each month you will automatically go into our MONTHLY DRAW to win one of 2 $50 store vouchers. 👏 No sharing or tagging your mothers brothers great aunt 300 times who has zero interest in cookie decorating other than your to.die.for cookies at Christmas, or commenting your own name in 100 different ways, while you 🤬 to your mates that you never win and ‘those’ comps are rigged (now nod and laugh at yourself) I made it simple for our Sweetly Obsessed, all you have to do is sign up. The draw will be via a random number picker 🎰 and every member will be automatically entered. 


I'm obsessed, and I needed it yesterday before it was invented 📮 

OK OK, we hear you, waiting weeks for tools👨‍🔧 is not cool.  We promised SI royalty - and we are going to give this one a chance, you will jump the que, simply quote your membership number in order notes and your order will aim to be dispatched express within 2 business days (excluding font sets).


SOLD back at "POPCORN" Lets makes this obsession a formality, where do I sign?

No signature required, and NO automatic re signs, new quarter, new decision to join.

Leave your Instagram handle in the 'personalisation field' and hit purchase! We will add 🕵️‍♀️ your Insta handle and add you to our Sweetly Impressed OBSESSED Instagram Page! 

Within 48 hours your unique Sweetly Impressed online store discount code will be emailed to you, and then you can start shopping! 



TERMS AND CONDITIONS - BUT ALSO please read. less admin, means more time to invent NEW products=growth in your obsession. 

*You may join at any time during the quarter, but membership is only valid up until the end of the membership period (currently ending 31 May)

 *At the end of the membership quarter (31 May) all members will be removed from the Instagram group and content will be archived. 

*uk customers - you will be emailed an ETSY discount code to the value of 15% of the products as listed (please note this is sometimes a more limited range than offered on our website) 

* If we are unable to post product to your country, you are ineligible to receive the 15% off or free membership joining product, but may still access the tutorials and Private Instagram page. Please check with us via email if you are unsure if we post to your country. 

*We want nothing more than our private Instagram group to be a healthy space for all. We want you to LOVE your obsession, and being a part of our membership space you should feel all the healthy support and respect for your passion you deserve. We want everybody learning to dance with their hands, happily. 

THE awkward part

*Downloading of reels to be shared publicly is an offence "stealing". All tutorials are watermarked. Screenshots are acceptable for your own personal use, but we ask respectfully they are not shared - but i already know our fab and respectful customers would neverrrrr. do. this :-)