What Fondant do you Recommend?. 

We recommend Queen ready to roll icing with Pop stamps because it does not stick (raised stamps), which can be purchased from Woolworths. You can purchase it in 500g ($5) or 1kg boxes ($8). Our regular stamps (those that imprint into the fondant) can be used with any fondant. Queen Ready to roll icing is non stick, bright white, easy to soften and leaves a flawless finish.


How do I use a Pop! Stamp?

A Pop! stamp leaves a raised image on your fondant. For best results, roll your fondant to at least 3mm thick, press tool down onto the fondant firmly with your thumbs where the deepest detail is (i.e on the animal stamps would be their eyes). Then, for extra extrusion use a rolling pin over the top, that will ensure you get all that detail popping up. Lift off the fondant. Use a cutter that is slightly  smaller than the size of the tool, this will mean you wont experience rim marks on your fondant. 


Will my Pop! Stamp stick to the tool?

When used with Queen Ready to roll fondant Icing you should not have any issues with sticking even with our fine detailed stamps or when heavily coloured. Other fondants of other consistencies may need some help with a dusting of cornflour. 


What is the 'handle'? 

Some stamps come with handles, these are the black logo etched flat acrylic pieces which have removable glue adhesives so you can remove and clean in between the stamp handle and the actual stamp (the white acrylic). The handles are available for purchase for $5 and they fit all of our square set pop stamps. We don't use toxic glues to put these together so instead we use non permanent Stellotape 'Sticky dots' you can pick a box of 80 up from Big W for $4.50 should you need additional. We supply 4 per order to get you started.  Only some stamps need these handles, others are etched or cut on 6mm thick acrylic and therefore don't need the handle. Its really only to give you something extra to grip onto for an easier stamping experience.  


Some details are not showing on my fondant?

Press firmly on the deeper parts of the tool - its usually the eyes, but also ensure your fondant is rolled to at least 3mm, and ensure its soft. You can refer to our Instagram feed for a tutorial video. 


What colours do you use in your Instagram feed? 

We use a variety of Queen colour dyes available from Woolworths, for the purpose of our photos. 


Do you ship to the USA?

Not currently, unfortunately as much as we would love to, Our business insurance doesn't cover us in North America. We are currently looking into other options. 


Do you ship to other parts of the World?

Yes we do - everywhere other than USA. 


My package hasn't arrived can you tell me where it is?

All of our parcels are tracked. When we have shipped your items you will receive a tracking notification, please check your junk mail prior to contacting us. We don't get any further information that what you receive on you tracking. In the instance your package is taking longer than expected you can lodge an investigation with Australia post using your tracking details. If you have not received your parcel after 20 days, please contact us. For express 10 days is adequate.


 Sugar Cookie Recipe.

 I use the above sugar cookie recipe in my baking, but their are a number of Sugar cookie recipes on the internet. The trick is to find a good non spread recipe this way you will get laser sharp edges and your shapes will look flawless.